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Coaching Intensives - CPR for your Marriage

Relationships often suffer a slow erosion over the years with missed moments, 'little' things not done, miscommunication (if any), disconnection, loneliness, & resentment. There is usually a familiar 'dance' that leads to fighting or retreating merely from the hint of a conversation going that way. The more one of you wants to 'talk' the more the other retreats. 
You may have even tried numerous approaches to reaching your partner or saving the marriage.
Or perhaps an affair(s) has shattered your home. 
Relationships are harder than ever, we are bombarded with expectations, temptation, distractions, and often feel like we're failing miserably often because we were never really taught how to be together in a time where even diaper changes get to be negotiated. 

Backing my work with science, research, professional (and personal) experience, compassion, safety (no judgment ever), and confidence to guide you, I take honor in leading you two to a place of greater connection without sacrificing who you are.

With specialized insight into understanding your patterns, and tools to help you rebuild your relationship, you get to redefine and rebuild your safe space at home. 

Marital Intensives known as marathon sessions by the Gottmans are like "Bootcamps" getting done in a few days what could usually take months in traditional therapy. And they're private - tailormade for you two. No one else! 

When you're relationship is rocky or shattered it affects everything else - your work, your sleep, diet, energy, relationships with others (kids, colleagues, etc). Let's not waste any more time dragging out the misery and get you two unpacking the heavies so you can go forward lighter, happier, and more confidently.

I also love working with people, individualss, if you're struggling with a break-up, or imposter syndrome, let me help you build your confidence and help you own your inner you!

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"We've gotten more out of 10 minutes with you than we got in total out of the 3 therapists we'd been to before you."


Prioritize Your Best Life

3-Day Relationship Resuscitation

12-14 Hours of tailormade, intensive support - relationship CPR. The first half is made up of assessments and individual exploring of your past and your beliefs and the second part is working on the goals based on the insights discovered in the first part.
This can be done online or you can fly in to see me (or I can fly in to see you two, at your expense - Covid situation dependent).
During these sessions, there are no other couples, so it's a weekend (or during the week) tailor-made for your unique needs. It includes 3 online assessments, as well as individual work, and a 5-hour workshop based on the prioritized goals extracted from the assessments.

Please note, not everyone is eligible for these intensives and a free 20-minute interview would be required before we can book this for you.

Affair Discovery 'CPR'A 4-Day Intensive

An affair(s) shatters not only the relationship but the identities of those in the relationship! Not only does one really need to understand why it happened, but you also need to explore and rebuild your individual identities and work through very difficult triggers (that present like PTSD). And during the crisis, no big decisions (like whether or not you two should stay together), should be made. 

This intensive 4-day package allows us time to tame some of the triggers, get clarity on what's happening and why, and work on crisis management. 

Relationship Aftercare Package

These are sessions booked after the CPR intensives to check-in and remain accountable over the next 3 months to make sure what you learnt and decided during the intensive is implemented and tweaked to be used as needed at home.
The number of sessions, and how long each session is, is dependent on your life demands, your unique needs, and my time available. But would be roughly a total of 12 hours, spread out as needed. 

Clarity & Confidence Builder Package

Living small serves no one, not even you. Whatever you're getting from it, isn't close to what you could be getting from unleashing your true potential. 
I believe we are all born with a unique, special story / flavor to bring to the world. And I also believe we are all born believing we are awesome too. But somewhere along the line we got lied to and believed other opinions above our own. 
I love helping people (I was one of them too) who don't know how incredible they are to fill their void with truth and own their 'bad-ass awesomeness'! By busting your limiting beliefs (think ugly duckling to swan here), you get to see what you are truly capable of and get to live in greater ease and freedom. 

This package is tailormade to your needs and over your timeline. And can be done over anything from one month to four months (usually in about max18 hours). 

Schedule a Session

Single Session - 90 Minutes

At Unpacking Minds I give my clients the valuable guidance and support they need to live life as intended - an experience of the exceptional!

These single sessions are recommended for anyone needing only a slight tweak here or there, or wanting to get to know me first, or for those needing a session to work on any phobia or to stop smoking.

Helping Hand

"Choose discomfort over resentment."

Brene Brown

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Therapist to Coach

Tehilla (pronounced Te-hee-la, or easier, Tequila with an 'h') is Hebrew for Song of Praise. I am an avid learner and I am passionate about helping people uncover their true worth! I have been doing couples and individual counseling for nearly a decade now in private practice. I am internationally trained and highly experienced, and through online coaching, I can reach across the globe, and help you change your life - in 3 months or less!

My sessions are a minimum of 90-minutes long because I have seen how much deeper we can go this way. And for couples, I love offering marathon sessions, this means we get done in a day, which could normally take months.

I live and love from South Africa. I am passionate about helping successful souls transform their doubts into passion and pose. I also really love helping lonely, hurt couples transform their pain into intimate connections.

I really look forward to hearing from you! 


Want to hear more about how I can transform your life? Contact me today to schedule a session. International Excellence at your fingertips.

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