When what you want is worth going for - afterall, you are your best investment.

To the COUPLES - how lonely is enough? Or maybe you're fed up with shitty communication and missed moments. Most of the people I see are feeling alone, resentful, unheard, hurting, and confused, and ready to leave if they cannot reconnect their relationship. Let me guide you to declutter the heavy resentments to help you rebuild your relationship in a way that is stronger and more intimate than before. You can choose between just the assessment; the assessment and support; or an assessment and up to a year of continued tweaking and support. All of the options would allow you to understand yourself and your partner at a much deeper level. And the more in-depth the package, the more support you have to save your marriage and reconnect with your love. I am passionate about families and strengthening families by helping couples be the strong fortress for the adults and children. Get fun and laughter and lightness back home while learning how to rebuild something sacred and solid. 

And for the INDIVIDUALS, those of you suffering from feeling horribly unworthy or empty. I too spent too many years feeling small, wondering if people would 'catch on' that 'I'm not that good' - only to realise there was nothing humble living from there. It was not living in alignment with my soul or my amazing fullness of being. So if you're not sure how to move forward or which way is up. Heavy from the hurtful words (or actions) packed on you when growing up (from parents, teachers, bullies, or otherwise). Burdened by the relentless critic within. I would love to help you unpack those lies, and discover your true voice and power. Allowing you the freedom of living light, free, and owning your beautiful space.  


Prioritize Your Best Life

Weekend Intensive

A Relationship Assessment and Deep Dive

Roughly 12-hours of tailormade, intensive support - a relationship resuscitation.
It starts with you completing some online links I send as well as a questionaire. Then I get to know you two better, first together as a couple, and then in individual sessions. I then take all this info and use it to determine the most important next steps for us. We discuss my findings and then spend the next full day working on what we prioritized to allow you two to A) Understand what's happened to your relationship that got you here,

B) Get important tools to help rebuilding the relationship

C) My guided intervention and support guiding you through the tough conversations.

Why does this matter? Becuase this is what will help you two build a relationship that's closer and more durable than before.

The 3-Day Intensive can be done online or you can fly in to see me (or I can fly in to see you two*).

During our intensive, there are no other couples, so it's a weekend (or week) tailor-made for your unique needs.

It includes 3 online assessments, questionnaires, individual work, and a 5-hour workshop based on the prioritized goals extracted from the assessments.

Please note, not everyone is eligible for these intensives and a free 20-minute interview would be required before we can book this for you.

*Fly Me options are at the clients' expense. And dependent on the Covid situation. 

Affair Discovery 4-Day Intensive

An affair(s) shatters not only the relationship but the identities of those in the relationship. The one questions their reality and the other is questioning how they could do this.
There is not only an understanding of why it happened needed, but an exploration and rebuilding of the couples' individual identities, trust, and taming the triggers. During the crisis, it may seem impossible to ever be able to trust again, but it is. So what I do want to ask is that during the crisis phase no big decisions (like whether or not you should stay together) are made. I'm not saying you can't leave but asking that you give yourself some breathing room first. Click here for some info. 

This intensive 4-day package allows us time to tame the triggers, do a relationship assessment, and work on crisis management. 

What's included:

  • Four Days of Intensive support individually and as a couple (from 3 to 5 hours a day as needed) to work on the affair and it's meaning to each of you, your identity challenges, and on triggers; 

  • Assessments (Gottman Checkup or SYMBIS) as needed;

  • One on One (no other couples);

  • Clear direction and support to help you decide whether or not to stay in the relationship;

  • My e-Book: After The Affair, A Recovery Guide.

By the end of the four days, you will have a clearer understanding of what you're going through, feel seen and heard and supported (and less alone), help using BWRT (BrainWorking Recursive Therapy) and your triggers, individual support, and grief assistance; discernment counseling guided questions to help you decide between the paths available to you.


These are sessions booked after the CPR intensives to check-in and remain accountable over the next 3 months to make sure what you learnt and decided during the intensive is implemented and tweaked to be used as needed at home.The number of sessions, and how long each session is, is dependent on your life demands, your unique needs, and my time available. But would be roughly a total of 12 hours, spread out as needed. A 6 month or 1 year accountability support package can also be arranged.


This is a couples "ALL IN" package. You will  both need to be fully invested into giving your relationship your full attention and committment. If you are uncertain if you want to stay in the marriage, you need to think carefully first. And if you do decide to commit to trying for 9 months, all in, you can always see afterwards how you feel. Especially knowing then you really did give it your all. 

The number of sessions, and how long each session is, is dependent on your life demands, your unique needs, and my time available.

What is included:

  • ALL the assessments I have access to

  • Full Marital Assessment and 3-Day Intensive (12-hours) to be done in person or online

  • Weekly guided support at first then spread out as needed over 9 months to a year (depending on needs and how spread out we go)

  • Access to all my workshops, meditations, and couples journals I create over the course of our year together


For those of you not so keen on the whole enchalada, book a full day immersion with me. Here we will work on the presenting issue you have and I will guide you two as best possible to navigate and talk through the problem you two chose to discuss during this full day immersion. I recommend only expecting to be able to work on one issue in a day like this. It's online, intense, but can be very insightful and supportive.



4-month 1:1 programme

Living small serves no one, not even you. Whatever you're getting from it, isn't close to what you could be getting from unleashing your true potential. I believe we are all born with a unique, special story/flavor to bring to the world. And I also believe we are all born believing we are awesome too. But somewhere along the line we got lied to and start to doubt ourselves, trusting other opinions above our own. 
I love helping people (I was one of them too) who don't know how incredible they are to fill their void with truth and own their 'bad-ass awesomeness'! By busting your limiting beliefs (think ugly duckling to swan here), you get to see what you are truly capable of and get to live in greater ease and freedom. 

Step into your incredible self, and don't waste another minute believing anything less. You really are worth it!

This package is tailormade to your needs and over your timeline. And can be done over anything from two months (with double sessions, as an example)  to four months. As needed and can be discussed in our discovery call. 

Single Session

At Unpacking Minds I give my clients the valuable guidance and support they need to live life as intended - an experience of the exceptional!

These single sessions are recommended for anyone needing only a slight tweak here or there, or wanting to get to know me first, or for those needing a session to work on any phobia or to stop smoking.