From Okay to CLEARLY Confident

How would you like to get really clear and confident? What would it look like for you? How will you show up differently? Join me for an 8-week deep dive, live and fully all in, while we cover:

-        Mindset

-        Clarity

-        Values

-        Self-Care

-        Shame

-        Goals

-        Reparenting

-        Habit Mastery

-        Aligned Action and Abundance

-        Confidence

-        Self-Compassion

-        Forgiveness

-        Intimacy & Relationships

-        Freedom

-        Limited Beliefs

There will be weekly live calls in the group and two one-on-one sessions (valued at $300 each) with me to work on any stuck beliefs or triggers. You will also get an e-journal with my favorite journal prompts and weekly visualization exercises.

I would love you to join my little tribe where we can support each other and see you each thrive!! But there are only 12 spots for this group so please let me know if you have any questions or would like to join!


By the end of the eight weeks, you will have the ultimate tools and guided transformation for you to own your best self and live more aligned with your true compass.


What: An online live (with additional recordings) 8-week confidence building course for women

Where: On Facebook & Zoom

When: Launching 16 June 2021 (a lovely Summer Holiday Self-Care Commitment) 10.00 EST

Costs: Course Cost in Future $4,500 BUT for this BETA group $1,200 (that is only $150 a week!!)

For anyone who cannot attend the live calls, you can watch the recording afterward.

Price includes all the recordings, weekly live calls, weekly visualizations, self-care analysis, and support, a prompted journal with homework weekly, and TWO one-on-one sessions for any triggers we need to address.

And for anyone wishing to pay it off can pay a $500 deposit then $400 at the end of the first month and the other $400 at the end of that month. But for those of you who pay in full, you will receive FOUR one-on-one sessions (instead of two. Individual sessions are usually $300 each). The additional two one-on-one sessions can be done up to three months after we are done as additional check-in and tweaking. (Future courses will only include one).


There are only limited spaces available as I really want to provide the ultimate, intimate, judgment-free, supportive space - so if you are feeling a call to this course, please do let me know! Or if you know of a lovely lady who would like to make the most of this incredible offer – please send her my details that we can book an interview call!



Okay to Clearly Confident Cover

I look forward to connecting with you!