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Welcome! Isn't it incredible that we can get professional, incredibly valuable content at our fingertips? We no longer need to wait for our session to access top-notch content to work through in your own time. I am also noticing that sometimes we need a group setting to be held accountable, feel supported, and enjoy celebrating your growth. 

This part of work is very different from the therapeutic setting of my private practice, and so it's still a growth process. But watch this space, and do sign up to be kept up to date with the new developments!

Firstly, I have a LIVE 8-Week From Okay To Clearly Confident course starting 16 June 2021. I am so very excited for the women who have signed up and the transformation they will be experiencing!

Then in July, I plan to launch two courses. One is a therapist's guide to working with infidelity in private practice (for therapists and coaches). And the second one is for couples in crisis after affair discovery. They can purchase the video training online and do the course as they please. There will be things for them together, but also a video for the unfaithful partner to work through too. 

I will also be launching a Reparenting Course - for Adults wanting to build a secure attachment with themselves after a not-so-secure childhood. A premarital group workshop. And many more. 
If you have a suggestion, I'm also happy to hear.

If you'd like to stay up to date on what I'm launching, please send us an email or subscribe with your email when you get the pop-up on my site.

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