Made For Love - A Workshop
02 Jun, 10:00 – 12:00 GMT-4
Online Live Mini-Workshop

Are you tired of the frustration and disconnection from fights that go nowhere with your partner? You are perhaps pushing to talk about important stuff, and your partner goes blank (withdraws)? The more you think "screw this, we must talk about this! I'm fighting for US!" the less it seems they care? Until eventually one of you give up and walks away - or there is an explosive ugly fight???


This workshop will cover the key steps to turning things around!


When:  2 June 2021 10am EST

Where:  Online via ZOOM

Cost: $37 (early bird $17 only 50 tickets at this price)!


By the end of the workshop you can leave feeling:

  • Understood (and understanding)

  • Empowered with insights and tools

  • Better equipped to not only ask for what you want, but feel clearer on your needs too.

  • Transformed!

Book now to reserve your spot as I do not know when I will be hosting a live workshop like this again!!!


Who am I? My name is Tehilla Luttig. I am a couples counselor and a coach. I have nearly a decade in private practice. My practice is full with a month-long waitlist! But I am hosting this workshop because I know not everyone can afford couples therapy! Or even if they can - not all therapists know this dance! And that maybe you don't want to wait a month to hear this. So via this workshop, I can reach more of you, and quicker! And you can start working on your relationship sooner!

“We’ve gotten more in 30 minutes with you than we did from 4 months in therapy with our previous therapist.”


I fully believe that the quality of a society is largely dependent on the quality of the families that make up the communities and I want to change the world - one couple, one family at a time! As a play therapist, I quickly realized the impact the parents have on children's well-being. And as a parent myself, I know how tricky managing it all can be.


“It feels like you can see inside our heads! You've just met us but you hit the nail on the head!"



  • Is there going to be a recording to access after? Only a paid version later. So, if you can't make it live, there will be another workshop on the same topic in the morning (for Australian / New Zealand time zones). Let me know and we will be sure to get you info about the workshop.

  • Does my partner need to watch it with me? No. Ideally yes, as your partner will find it just as useful and you will most likely afterward wish he/she did. But you will find it helpful even if they don't join.

  • Will this save our marriage? No, a workshop cannot save your marriage. Dedication to self-improvement from both partners is what I have found has led to the most successful results. But this workshop can make a lot of sense about a lot of stuff and therefore give new hope and direction.

  • Is this good even if there is domestic violence/abuse at home? There is NO excuse for abuse. You NEVER deserve it. If you are in an abusive relationship - even if you're not sure if you are - reach out for help in your area. You can google for many toll-free 24/7 numbers in your country. Otherwise, the nearest hospital, police station, or social worker should be able to get you the right contact details.

  • Can I get a refund? If for any reason, you did not find this course valuable, you are welcome to contact me for a full refund. But I know this course can shift something for you.

  • Must we buy separate tickets? You can watch with one ticket, as many of you as you'd like from one computer. So if you'd like to split the costs with some friends - go for it!

  • Can I attend on my phone? Yes - just download Zoom before the time!



You can book immediately by clicking on the link by the pic! OR feel free to pop us an email: (+27-007-0700) if you have ANY questions.


"Our kids walked in on us kissing in the kitchen and told us we need to stop seeing you - it's working too well!"


I look forward to sharing my insights and wisdom with you! See you on the 2nd!

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